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Therapeutic Massage for those with Special Needs: The Benefits

There are a variety of massage, and regular massage can have many benefits. Aquatherapy, or massage with water is a popular option. This is a very popular option because it lets you feel as if you're floating in water while receiving a massage. Here are some things to learn about this very popular form of massage therapy.

Watsumasan is also known as aqua therapy. It is comprised of hot springs, wraps, and stretches. It also includes massage, acupressure and Swedish massages in purified water. Watsumasan is a mix of satsuma (which is hot) and masumasan (which means water).

In Japan Aqua therapists in Japan are known as "waraji". In China they are referred to as "zhuang San". They typically work with cold and hot water, sometimes using mineral spring water to create exotic massages. This is among the reasons this therapy has been utilized for so long as a treatment for injuries, muscle and joint discomfort, as well as stress.

The same types of aquatic bodywork are employed in 출장마사지 the fields of chiropractic care, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and other services. These modalities allow a therapist to place their fingers on the hands of the patient or to gently dip their hands into warm, purified water. The gentle manipulation releases the healing energy of the body and helps to release tension and chronic pain that's accumulated from injury or tension in the nervous system.

Sometimes, acupressure is done in a spa or hot water therapist's office. Similar to that, therapeutic massage uses the warm water to relax and rejuvenate the body. When combined with Acupressure, the combination these two therapies helps to alleviate tension and encourage healing in the body. Aquatherapy is a combination of both treatments. They promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation and they promote healthy balancing of the body.

A therapeutic massage can be used as a substitute to Acupressure. The massage therapist is working on the client while the warm water massage is being massaged into the body. This type of aquatic massage has been proven to aid in overcoming the effects of jet lag. It helps people unwind and feel more relaxed after returning to their country of origin.

Worldwide aquatic bodywork is practiced in countries around the world. This kind of treatment is often offered by massage therapists. These therapists are sensitive to the client's desire for a great massage. They understand how important it is for clients to feel relaxed and comfortable in a tranquil setting.

There are many benefits of having a shiatsu massage or water massage. Shiatsu is "finger pressure," while watsu means "warmer hands." Both watsu and shiatsu are part of an old form of Chinese medicine known as TCM or Total Healing. TCM has been used for hundreds of years and is still being used throughout the East as an approach to health care.

Massage therapists are educated in using both shiatsu and wash techniques. When performing a shiatsu treatment, the therapist places both hands on the body of the client and then gently presses them. In a watsu massage, the therapist slowly manipulates specific points along the meridian channels in order to ease tension and restore balance. The recipient should feel all sensations, including heat, pressure and movement. A good therapist makes sure that his or her hands are not too rough but are effective.

Another advantage of getting a water or shiatsu massage is the deep relaxation. To reach the state of relaxation, it is important that the client remain still and in the most comfortable position. This may mean the therapist holds the receiver or places the receiver on a flat surface. The receiver won't be able of relaxation if the therapist is holding them down. On the other hand, if the practitioner places his or her hands lightly over the receiver in the watsu or shiatsu therapeutic massage, the client will be in a calm and relaxed state of consciousness where deep relaxation is possible.


Another benefit of therapeutic massage is the improvement in circulation. Aquatic massage is beneficial for people suffering from circulatory issues. It increases blood flow to the extremities, and increases lymphatic drainage. Circulatory disorders, such as hypertension can increase the risk of stroke and anxiety, which can lead to strokes.

People with disabilities should receive services by massage therapists that offer bodywork that is aquatic. These clients might have physical limitations that affect how they are able to relax or stand after standing for long periods of time. Many people with special needs also suffer from pain and stiffness, numbness and other discomforts. Water is a fantastic liquid that lubricates the muscles and allows them to relax in ways that they are not used to.